Ivory Ashes

Author: Nicole Fox
Category: Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 181

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Ivory Ashes

My new boss is gorgeous, arrogant, and filthy rich.
The only problem?
He doesn't know he's also the father of my baby.

Six years ago, I was supposed to get married.
But the night before the wedding, my groom-to-be showed me sides of himself I'd never seen before.

I might've died in that hotel room...
If Mikhail Novikov hadn't burst in to save me.

Handsome, strong, capable knight in shining armor—sign me up, right?
Because Mikhail wasn't just the hero I never knew I needed...
He was also way more dangerous than I ever could've known.

But for one night, I let myself do something I never should've done.
It was worth it—several times over, if you catch my drift.
In the morning, though, I did the reasonable thing:

For six years, I keep running.
Until I walk into work one day, and find my new boss waiting in my office.
Guess who?
And guess what he does when finds out about our baby?