A Curse of Malice & Mercy

Author: Miranda Joy
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 172

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A Curse of Malice & Mercy

Dreams are the dawn for everything good in the world…

Alessia is a dreamer. To protect her heart from growing hard, she chooses to see the best in others. After a life of enslavement and losing her only friend, she flees to the fae realm of Avylon, desperate for freedom. There, she meets Rainer, an enigmatic fae prince who is as enticing as he is unpredictable. He claims to detest humans, yet he teaches her how to fight, protects her, and empowers her. She can’t help but fall for him, even when his moods become increasingly volatile and it’s clear he’s hiding something dangerous.

She’s his little rose with buds so beautiful and thorns so fatal…

The only thing Rainer hates more than humans is the curse he was born with. The one that flows through his veins and leaks into the surrounding forest. He’s dangerous, undeserving, and wears his reputation like armor. But when he meets Alessia, his perception shifts. If he’s malice, she’s his mercy. He needs to stay away, but it’s impossible to fight the temptation between them.

As their fates intertwine, can Alessia overlook Rainer’s dark past and overcome their differences? Or will Rainer crush his little rose in his fist?