Ripper's Redemption

Author: Elizabeth Knox
Category: Erotic | MC | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 45

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Ripper's Redemption

I should have stayed far away.


I had no idea the Reapers Rejects MC had agreed to take me under their wing.

It turned out, the club promised my father they’d keep me safe in exchange for information, and my job offer was nothing more than them keeping their end of the deal.

There I was, in a place I wasn’t genuinely wanted.

I understood my father wanted to keep me safe, but I wanted to make him pay for giving me false pride.

There was only one thing I wanted to do: drive my father batshit crazy.

But, I kept asking myself how I was going to do it.

Then it clicked, I needed to shack up with someone in the club and found the perfect volunteer.

We agreed to have a fake relationship and all was going according to plan, until Ripper saved me from imminent death.

That day something shifted, and I knew nothing would ever be the same.