Suddenly You

Author: Cora Rose
Category: Romance
Total pages: 132

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Suddenly You

We’ve all heard the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."
God help me, if only that were true.
Because as it turns out, my surprise gay husband is very much still my husband outside of the great state of Nevada. And let me tell you, as a straight guy, waking up married to a man I barely know with no memory of how it happened wasn’t even on my Bingo card.
What started as a fun weekend getaway to support my brothers in their relationships and show them how much I've grown, has somehow spiraled wildly out of my control.
Cooper Barone is rich, kind, and charming, but he’s holding all the cards now. Because he doesn't want our marriage annulled. No, he says he wants us to make a deal. He wants me to spend time with him, to move in with him.
All I know is that I’m broke and I can't afford a divorce without his compliance, without his help.
So there’s nothing left for me to do but agree and accept my fate.
I'm a straight dude with a husband.
This is my life now.