Author: Mary Kennedy
Category: Romance
Total pages: 56

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Major 'Moose' Sculler has probably the worst luck with women known to man. His first wife had multiple affairs, the last and most notorious, with a BDSM preacher in Florida. That was right before the preacher killed her. The most recent was a fiancée whom he thought he loved. Turned out she was spewing lies faster than her fingers touched the keyboard. He left her in London and headed home. Where he belonged. Imagine his surprise when he finds a beautiful baby girl asleep in a crib in his spare bedroom and her mother across the hall in his own bed. Surprises are his specialty, but Erica has more than a few, not the least of which is a North Korean hit squad sent to kill her. Time to get to work.

Erica Smith is running from a past that she doesn't even fully understand. Having left North Korea as a child, she thought that she and her mother were running. Turns out, her mother didn't tell her the full story. Now she has a child, running from a hit squad, and she runs right into the big arms of Moose. Stories have a strange way of growing and changing, and hers is about to shock them all.