Hope and Other Lost Things

Author: Morgan Park
Category: Romance
Total pages: 107

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Hope and Other Lost Things

After two decades of togetherness, Julia's world shatters when her wife, Marin, leaves her without a word. Left with only fractured memories and a love story with missing pieces, Julia is trapped in a hollow existence, clinging to the hope of Marin's return. It's not until an electrifying moment with a mysterious woman in a bar that a glimmer of Julia's old self rekindles.

When Kleinton High hires an outside company to evaluate her school, Julia never expects it to be Erin, the woman she almost took home the night before. With their undeniable connection between them–a familiarness in Erin’s touch, a magnetic pull neither can ignore–Julia is compelled to face her past.

Can she rediscover the hope she thought was lost forever, or will the hollowness of Marin’s absence overtake her completely? Will Erin be the exact home she always deserved, or will the past creep back in? Hope and Other Lost Things is an exploration of love and rediscovery in the face of heartbreak. Julia’s story is a tribute to the humanistic anguish we harbor inside ourselves, and how a little bit of hope can hold us together on the journey to where we need to be.