My Boyfriend's Firefighter Daddy

Author: Lena Little
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 36

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My Boyfriend's Firefighter Daddy


I make my living running into burning buildings. Saving lives is what I do. And for a lot of years, that’s been enough. The rush I get from putting myself in danger is a high unlike anything else I’ve ever known, and the camaraderie I have with the men in my department has been enough to sustain me. Or so I thought.

After an accident at a fire lands me in the hospital, I find myself face to face with Harlow White, an exquisitely beautiful young woman I’ve known for a while. A gorgeous, young stunner I’ve fantasized about more than I should have over the years. It was always easy to keep myself in check because she was with my son, Micah.

Things have changed since then.

Harlow has shown me sides of myself I didn’t know existed. She’s shown me the empty spots in my heart and soul and that those things I thought sustained me are only masking those things missing from my life. I know if Micah finds out about Harlow and me, it’s not going to go over well, and I feel like I’m caught in a position where I’m being forced to choose between my son and the woman I want with my entire heart and soul.

I run into burning buildings for a living. Fear has never been part of my vocabulary. But thinking about living my life without one of the two most important people in my world has me absolutely fucking terrified.


I’ve been so focused on my schooling and my career, I left no room for love and a relationship. Part of that is because of a bad experience with my last boyfriend. It made me a little gun-shy about jumping into another relationship.

But when Hunter Weston was wheeled into the ER one night after being injured at a fire scene, all those teenage fantasies I had came rushing back into my head. My last relationship, terrible an experience as it was, was with Hunter’s son. After we broke up, I secretly fantasized about his father. Fantasies that were entirely innocent and safe because I knew would never come to fruition.

Now, free of Micah and building my own life, things have changed. I have changed. And the more time I spend with Hunter, the more I see just how much I’ve been missing by shutting myself off from the possibility of love. By avoiding emotional entanglements. Hunter has unlocked doors inside of me that I thought I’d sealed shut forever, and the ease with which he’s done it has left me breathless.

But I know that Hunter’s relationship with his son is on fragile ground. I know the slightest blow could bring the entire house of cards crashing down around them. And the last thing I want is to be the wedge between father and son. As much as I want to be with Hunter, I don’t know if I could live with myself if I kept Hunter from having a relationship with Micah.

In a battle between what I want and what I know is right, I feel like I’m going to lose no matter which way I turn.