The Woman in the Trunk

Author: Jessica Gadziala
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 84

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The Woman in the Trunk

I couldn’t stop my father from getting involved with the mafia.
When I was kidnapped and held as collateral for his debt, a lifetime of cleaning up his messes told me I couldn’t count on his help, either.
I would need to save myself.

A woman could only be pushed so far.
And I was finished with being a victim.

There was one problem.
Lorenzo Costa.
Underboss to the most powerful don of NYC’s Five Families.
And far too sinful for his - or my - own good.

Our attraction grows in a city of old resentments,
boiling tensions,
resurfacing ghosts,
and a shift in power that threatens to spill more blood than the families have seen in generations.
Lives would be lost.
Loyalties would be tested,
And through it all I wondered,
would Lorenzo’s and my new bond weather the coming storm?
Or if we would survive at all…