Bedded and Deceived: Billionaire Revenge Romance

Her cold and handsome boss is a billionaire by day, vigilante by night...and he wants her dead, figuratively speaking (she hopes).

I've never had a guy hate on me the way my boss does.
And as much as I wish I could say this is a classic case of "the more you hate, the more you love" (Edward and Bella, hello?)...
My boss turning out to be a hundred-year-old vampire is more likely than him being secretly attracted to me.
He hates me that much while---
You're thinking I'm an idiot, aren't you?
Impoverished and impressionable twenty-something secretary falls for gorgeous billionaire jerk of a boss.
I know it's the ultimate cliché, and believe me, I know how it works.
I know how it's likely to end.
But it's just too late.
Dmitry Adrianov already has my heart, and it's his to own and cherish...or crush into a thousand irreparable pieces.
Which he does.
Because apparently, all that I am to him is an instrument of revenge.

Note: This is a steamy standalone romance. Guaranteed HEA.
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