Feral Escape (Catnip and Cauldrons 3)

Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Category: Romance | Fantasy | Paranormal
Series: Catnip and Cauldrons
Total pages: 15

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Feral Escape (Catnip and Cauldrons 3)

Molly has been captured, imprisoned, and is near-death when rescued. Spending time with Ivan has her re-thinking her vow not to take a mate.

The mysterious and aloof Ivan is deeply irresistible to Molly. But she's spent the last year dodging her family's plans to mate her to another shifter. Will being kidnapped and imprisoned in a cell where food and water stopped coming days ago cause her to lose hope?

Ivan volunteers every waking moment to find Molly since she went missing. His reaction to the sweet little cat shifter surprises him. He's fiercely determined to never settle down with another shifter, but he can't escape the draw she has on him.

Rescuing Molly is only the beginning. The danger she and the rest of the runaway cat-shifters have managed to elude is closing in on them fast. Ivan is committed to protecting Molly from any threats, but his past comes back to bite him when his old enforcer friend tells him he's been hired to bring Molly in. Will his feelings for Molly turn them both into prey?