Ten Mountain Men's Baby (Love by Numbers 9)

Author: Nicole Casey
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Love by Numbers
Total pages: 59

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Ten Mountain Men's Baby (Love by Numbers 9)

I never thought I’d be raising a baby with ten burly mountain men.

A dentist by day, my true passion is hiking. Little did I know that my six-month Appalachian adventure would lead to me falling in love with ten hot as sin men.

My heart flutters when I meet Ryker Dennison.
Like me, he’s been adopted. Unlike me, he’s brave enough to search for his biological family who live in the Appalachian mountains.
Intelligent and kind, he draws me in immediately.
His dark complexion, intense gaze, and muscular body make it hard to focus on the hiking, and before long, we’re making passionate love.

With a snowstorm brewing, Ryker and I hurry to find his family.
His strikingly handsome nine brothers welcome him with open arms.
As for me, the sexual chemistry I feel with the ten men is all-consuming.
I could watch their muscular bodies all day long. And soon, I want to do more than just watch.
This should be wrong, but it feels so right.
How I can desire ten men at once? It's absolutely crazy, but what's even crazier, is that the ten brothers tell me they would share everything.

All is going well until our reverse harem relationship is threatened.
Terrified, I make a decision that could cost me everything, especially when I discover that I’m with child.

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