Deep in You

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Billionaire Romance
Total pages: 33

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Deep in You

He's big, bad, and best of all? British.
For years I've worked my butt off making my bakery a success. That means I haven't had any time for fun or pleasure. And dating? Forget about it! Not that any of the guys I've dated in the past have been worth it.
One word about my secret fantasy and they go running.
I'm a grown woman with needs. So when my BFF suggests I call a “pro” to help warm my empty bed, I bite the bullet and do it. It helps that the guy I contact online is impossibly hot.
When he shows up at my door, looking even sexier in person, I finally understand what it means to go weak in the knees.
I'm hooked on this British bad boy. He's deep inside of me in more ways than one.
And that's a huge problem.
Because as good as Caleb is in the sheets, I'm sure our connection is an act. After all, he's a pro. This is his job and nothing more.
Except the more time we spend together... the less sure I am.
Does he really want to make my dreams come true?
Or is it all pretend?

As usual, this is a dirty dirty novella with an HEA and NO cheating! I promise!

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