Bossy Mr. Frosty

Author: K. Webster
Category: Romance
Total pages: 15

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Bossy Mr. Frosty

My new boss is cold, aloof, uncaring… Twice my age and incredibly hot. I know better than to crush over the older, untouchable man. I’m here to do a job and prove I can do it well. What I don’t expect is for the bossy Mr. Frosty to thaw in my presence. His chilly demeanor grows hot the moment we’re alone and all I can do is melt for him. He’s supposed to be straight, yet with me, he bends his own rigid rules. I want to follow my heart, but my dreams might be at stake. Do I choose a budding, forbidden romance or go back to my safe, bland reality? One look at his rare, beautiful smile, though, and I realize I never had a choice. ***This is a short, steamy, instalove office romance with a happy for now.***

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