The Arrangement 17 (The Arrangement 17)

Author: H.M. Ward
Category: Adult | Romance
Series: The Arrangement
Total pages: 10

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The Arrangement 17 (The Arrangement 17)

Volume 17 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

There are choices that change a life forever. I know with complete certainty my life would have been very different if I'd chosen another path. But I didn't. I chose Sean. In the moments he's missing, the remnants of my world crumble. Peter is a pillar of strength, but he's still a Ferro through and through. If I don't go after Marty alone, I risk Peter reverting to the man he once was. If I do go alone, I may never come back. My life pivots on a pinhead, forcing me again to choose between logic and love.

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