Out of Control

Author: Roy Glenn
Category: Adult | Crime
Total pages: 99

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Out of Control

Mike Black and Jamaica have expanded their operations in Nassau. And if there was one thing you should say about Jamaica, it was that he was very good at his job. In a few short months he had just about taken control of the illegal gambling in Nassau. Jamaica and his men had forcibly taken over most of the gambling houses on the island and had opened up new one. The only real problem he had was with a man named Harry Walker and his wife Deidra. Together they ran a few spot and they stuck their hand in when there was money to be made as a middleman for drug deals. But Black has a way of making people see things his way.
Meanwhile, back in New York, Wanda has a plan of her own. Although she originally supported Black decision to put Nick in charge, she didn’t agree with it. And had Black consulted with her first, she would have told him so. Wanda always thought it was too soon to put Nick in that position. He wasn’t ready for it. With the memory of Rain slapping her with still fresh in her mind, her plan was simple. Take back control of the organization from Nick and if she destroyed him in the process of protecting Black interests, that was all the better. But you know Rain will have something to say about that.

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