The Innocent Behind the Scandal (The Marchetti Dynasty 2)

Author: Abby Green
Category: Billionaire Romance
Series: The Marchetti Dynasty
Total pages: 77

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The Innocent Behind the Scandal (The Marchetti Dynasty 2)

The innocent's international affair is heating up! USA TODAY bestselling author Abby Green brings us red-hot nights and scandalous secrets...

From London to St. Petersburg... Everyone is talking about this couple!

Photographer Zoe Collins is ready to be awakened at the hands of charismatic billionaire Maks Marchetti. She's been hurt one too many times and is determined to protect her heart, but she's done with protecting her virginity!

Maks has never met anyone who intrigues him like Zoe. Orphaned and innocent, yet she seems almost as cynical about love as he is. A fact that makes their nights together dangerously addictive. But can a bond forged in the bedroom withstand an expos? in the headlines?

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