Knocked Up by Love

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 37

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Knocked Up by Love

Honey’s on the run. Literally. Under witness protection, Honey has to keep a low profile which definitely means not getting involved with a pro fighter. Even if in his arms she feels safe.

Bear Chan knows a little about making money, a lot about hitting people, and nothing at all about being a father.

When guardianship duties fall on Bear’s shoulders, he knows that he’s going to need help. Fortunately, he’s found the perfect nanny for his little ward. The bad news is that his new boss (who happens to be a 5-year-old) doesn’t want him to so much as look at Honey for too long, in fear he'll run her off.

But that’s simply not possible. Honey Ricci is too sexy and too sweet for this Bear to resist. She already owns him.

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