My Super-Hot Fake Wedding Date

Author: Leigh James
Category: Romance
Total pages: 76

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My Super-Hot Fake Wedding Date


What’s the One Thing that Can Make the Wedding from Hell Better? A Super-Hot Date. Samantha’s got one…but wait…does it count if he’s only doing her a favor?

When Samantha A. Delaney’s mother commands her to serve as a bridesmaid in her little sister’s wedding, she knows it’s going to be hell. Her wealthy, Boston-proper family can’t tolerate that Samantha has chosen a career over starting a family. Now that her younger sister’s getting married, Samantha’s black-sheep status is confirmed. But maybe if she brings a new boyfriend as a plus-one, she might survive the wedding weekend…

The problem? There is no new boyfriend. So she decides to ask her super-hot UPS guy to deliver something else: the ultimate performance for her family.

Blurred Lines… 

Roberto Palmieri first quit his family drama, then his high-pressure finance career in order to enjoy life to the fullest. He’s all about limiting the crazy, but his ex is getting married and won’t stop begging for his approval. He needs a distraction, fast. So when his pretty customer asks him to be her fake date for the weekend, he’s in. Hanging out with Samantha and her eccentric family has got to beat sitting around, moping. 

The arrangement is strictly platonic—and gorgeous Samantha has made it clear she’s emotionally unavailable. Bob tries to play it cool, but she keeps doing things like holding his hand and kissing him in public. It’s all for show, but things are getting a little confusing, especially when she ends up in his bed… Determined to get through the weekend emotionally unscathed, Bob vows to play by Samantha’s rules. 

So why can’t he stop wishing the date was for real?

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