Bump in the Night

Author: Dani Wyatt
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 37

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Bump in the Night

Silas Worthington is a man with a plan. A plan that will turn his family’s old estate into an airport and fill his already full pockets a bit more. There’s only one problem. His great-grandfather put a little twist in his will that throws a wrench into his plans. Enter a contest, Halloween, a few lucky contestants, and boom. Everything is about to fall into place.

Except, he doesn’t bank on Delia Anderson. She’s wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and her eyes tell him they’ve got history. And a destiny. She’s not part of the plan, but now that she’s here, Silas will battle anyone is this life or the afterlife to make her his.

Only, there’s some otherworldly shenanigans going on inside his family’s estate that no one counted on. When dreams and reality blend together, it’s nearly impossible to tell what is real and what is imagined. These two need to fight through some spirited, spooky back and forth for the chance at their happily ever after.

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