Socialite and the Cowboy

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 30

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Socialite and the Cowboy

For a century, the Justice men have amassed land, wealth, and power but not one has managed to keep his bride alive past the age of thirty. This curse has resulted in nothing but pain and trauma. My solution? Don’t fall in love, don’t get married, live your life for the land. I’ve followed this motto for thirty-four years and my four cousins have done the same. Our home has no women but neither does it have any sorrow. I was happy to keep it this way until Birdie Rodgers came into my life. My Uncle bequeathed her forty million dollars worth of Justice property. I’m keeping both the land…and her.

Most people think I don’t have much going on upstairs because I love fashion but I’m on the cusp of a real breakthrough in my career. All I need is some funding to get my new line off the ground. It seems like this inheritance is the perfect solution. The problem is that it comes with some very big—and I mean over six feet—strings attached. Calder Justice is handsome, infuriating, and determined but I don’t know what he wants. My inheritance or me? 

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