Princess and the Cowboy (Justice)

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Adult | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 29

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Princess and the Cowboy (Justice)

Sterling Justice is happy being single. It’s not because he believes in the Justice Curse wherein his one true love will die before the age of 30 but rather because he’s got plans and none of them include a girl. He’s going to Texas A&M, learning how to prepare the ranch for future, and prove to his cousins that it wasn’t a mistake to take his poor ass into the fold all those years ago. Single hood is good…or so he thought.

Princess Maria came to the Justice ranch for a mental health break, not for a man. She’s had enough of men. Her brother-in-law keeps coming on to her. Her dad is making a list of all the eligible European aristocrats. Maria wants to escape and Edison Texas would be the perfect hideaway if it didn’t have the criminally attractive Sterling Justice walking around in his boots and Stetson looking like a six foot plus body of sin. What’s a princess going to do when faced with his honey eyes and sexy swagger? Not give in?

As for Sterling and his plans? Well, those change. Watch out, Princess, because what a Justice man wants, a Justice man gets.