King of Swords (Stormcloud Academy 1)

Author: Nicole Casey
Category: Dark | Erotic | Romance
Series: Stormcloud Academy
Total pages: 53

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King of Swords (Stormcloud Academy 1)

I didn’t ask to go to this fancy boarding school. I didn’t ask to be involved in a secret society. I most definitely didn’t ask to attract the attention of the ruthless kings.

I have no money. No living family. My last resort is Stormcloud Academy.
I have no clue why they offered me the scholarship, but I’m determined to use it wisely.

Yet when I arrive at the school, I discover this won’t be a quiet reprieve.
A secret society banned twenty years ago is being resurrected.
Zephyr Williams, Sol Stamos, and Arvo Hurley reign supreme.
The trio takes the girls they want.
And destroys the lives of everyone who crosses them.

Their latest target? Me.
Three powerful young men versus a nobody.
I don’t stand a chance.

My only ally is Theo Brent who refuses to join the society.
Attractive, kind, and smart, Theo is a dream come true.
But my treacherous body isn’t just drawn to him.
It also craves the Kings.
Especially Zephyr’s darkness and cruelty.

Soon, I’m forced into the King’s game.
The rules are constantly changing.
My enemies are always two steps ahead.

I must figure out this game of cat-and-mouse.
Before I end up dead.

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