Her Prison Pen Pal (Love Behind Bars)

Author: Dani Wyatt
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 36

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Her Prison Pen Pal (Love Behind Bars)

Daphne Foster always rooted for the underdog. Now, she does that literally by running a dog rescue outreach in one of the most dangerous cities in the Mitten State. The only thing more important to her than the dogs is her family. But maybe even more important than both is her pen pal, who just happens to be a frequent flier in the state’s maximum security correctional system.

Dutch McCabe felt something change inside him when he read the first letter from his former cellmate’s sister. She wrote to thank him for watching out for her brother, but something deeper came through the loops and swirls of her handwriting. Now, he’s obsessed. She’s all he wants. All he needs. Fate offers a hand when he’s invited to come and stay with her family after he’s released on parole.

Will his past come back to ruin his second chance at a life he never imagined? Or will their secret pen-to-paper relationship be strong enough to survive the real world?

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