Author Next Door (Temptation Next Door)

Author: Nicole Casey
Category: Romance
Total pages: 25

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Author Next Door (Temptation Next Door)

“Is that him? The Charles Hill?”
Yes, you guys. That’s exactly The Charles Hill.
Single Dad. Best-Selling Author. Hot-as-Sin. And probably twice my age.
He couldn’t possibly be interested in me – an ordinary small-town girl.
But he makes my toes curl whenever he glances my way.
We're at work, and I know it's wrong.
But my body is telling me yes.
Ok. Just one kiss. I told myself.
And one forbidden kiss led to so much more…

I shouldn't be looking at her like this.
She's only twenty-four, and I'm way too old for her.
Everything about this is inappropriate.
The looks.
The little touches.
The way she stares at my lips when I talk.
I’m only here to hold my creative writing workshops.
But I can’t help but think about something…filthier.
I shouldn't even think about going there.
Yet inside, I'm begging for a taste of her forbidden fruit.
I tried to fight it, but my five-year-old daughter brought her right into my place.
And I can’t resist the temptation any longer.
I have to claim her, no matter what they say.

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