The Flip Side of Wait for Me

Author: Alexia Chase
Category: Adult | Romance
Total pages: 13

**This book is available for download only.
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The Flip Side of Wait for Me

Can a sexy ex-con and an employment recruiter fall in love?

Nash is trying to clear his criminal record. He only needs a job for six months to wipe everything clean.

Hilary sees Nash as the man he truly is. A man willing to sacrifice his future for someone he loves – protecting his sister from a sexual assault.

As a result, she’s willing to go out on a limb to get him a job he deserves. Except her brother, Jeff, doesn’t hire ex-cons.

Will Hilary wait for Nash? What happens if they don’t wait?

Will all hell break loose when Jeff finds out she lied to get Nash hired?

More importantly, can Nash forgive her for putting his future in jeopardy?

Nash is on the construction site, and he’s wearing an ENORMOUS toolbelt.

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?

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