Problem For Daddy (Please Me, Daddy 6)

Author: B.L. Brooks
Category: Erotic | Romance | Adult
Series: Please Me, Daddy
Total pages: 14

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Problem For Daddy (Please Me, Daddy 6)



I know demanding independence after a family issue is viewed as insensitive, but I feel suffocated already.

My father has lectured me time and time again on how my friends don’t care what’s best for me…and though he may be right, I can’t bring myself to admit dependence.

One minute I’m having an argument with my father, and the next, I’m sitting in a car with a stranger that’s double my age, but jaw-dropping handsome at that. He’s supposedly my boss now, well, until I can straighten out, or so how my father likes to put it.

I’m determined to prove my independence to my father. I’m ready to become a woman, and I plan to satisfy me and my new boss’ deepest desires while I’m at it. Finding more than just my deepest desires, finding myself to be this problem…for Daddy.

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