The Sheikh's Convenient Mistress (The Henderson Sisters 2)

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance
Series: The Henderson Sisters
Total pages: 69

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The Sheikh's Convenient Mistress (The Henderson Sisters 2)

What he needed from her went well beyond the call of duty...

The business which brings Sheikh Zamir Fayez to the deserts of Las Vegas is far from pleasant, and it's vital that it be kept secret. After all, the last thing he needs is news of his brother's drug addiction hitting the tabloids. Enter Olivia Henderson, a celebrity concierge who specialises in meeting the requirements of her clients, no matter how difficult they might be...

Only nothing in Olivia's experience has prepared her for a man like Zamir. He's domineering, arrogant and sexy, and he makes no effort to hide the fact that he wants Olivia in more ways than the professional.

Nothing in their relationship is certain, but for one thing: that it must end. For Zamir will be King, and the hopes of a nation rest upon his shoulders. Olivia is a perfect distraction in his moment of need but she's hardly wife material. So why does he find it so hard to leave her, even when duty calls him home? And will he ever forgive her for how quickly she moves on?