Her Guardian's Christmas Seduction

Author: Clare Connelly
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 75

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Her Guardian's Christmas Seduction

An unwilling guardian... a forbidden desire they can't control.

Stavros Aresteides never wanted the responsibility of his fifteen year old ward Claudia La Roche. He wanted it even less when she drank too much and begged him to take her to bed as an eighteen year old. Now, at twenty one, scandal seems to follow her and he has no choice but to intervene, kidnapping her to his estate in the English countryside where she can't cause any more trouble. Or so he thinks!

Claudia's heart was broken and her pride destroyed when Stavros crushingly rejected her foolish teenage advances. At twenty one and a much adored socialite, some things haven't changed. Claudia is still innocent, and she still wants Stavros to be her first lover.

But a passionate seduction is all it can ever be. Claudia has a secret that she can never share with her sexy, tempting guardian.

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