Prized Possession

Author: B.L. Brooks
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 13

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Prized Possession



I’m powerful. I’m ruthless. But I’m slowly losing all control with the angel before me…

I’m now questioning my entire life’s work.

I’m here to do a job—grab the girl and go.

My boss is determined to rid this angel from the face of the earth since her fiancé keeps sticking his dirty hands into one too many accounts.

And one too many times.

Now, I’ve been sent to collect an innocent soul. Yet, it should really be that low-life scum bag I'm here for—not this angel in front of me.

But I’m questioning whether to walk away…

It’s always been so natural to crave the thrill of something so dark, so twisted.

But can I go through with this?
Kidnap an angel just to leave at the mercy of the Russian mob?

I have no choice.

I’m here to do a job and I won’t go back…I pray.

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