Mafia Manipulator

Author: T.L. Reeve
Category: Crime | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 65

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Mafia Manipulator

Collins Attwood

My parents are dead.

My brother, Lucas, has been shot.

Our world has crumbled down around us, and we have nowhere to go.

For the last year, my brother and I have been on the run hiding from whoever killed our parents. The details are spotty, but Lucas thinks our father stole money from the mob and the day our parents were killed is the same day they came to collect.

I don't want to believe him, but I don't have a choice. We're running out of time and money. If I don't find us a place to lie low for longer than a month or two, we're as good as dead, too. Or we would be if I hadn't stumbled upon a want ad: TUTOR NEEDED.

I didn't do too bad in college. How hard could it be?

Miceli Daidone

Being the head of the Daidone Family comes with its inherent risks and there are certain aspects of my life I won't chance.

Ever again.

My daughter, Rocca, is the spitting image of her mother. Every day I am reminded of how, in a single instant, I failed my family.

When Collins Attwood enters my life, I know she's carrying a burden someone so young shouldn't be. I also know her real identity. There's a bounty on her and her brother's head.

Why? The syndicate of families won't say—which is troubling.

Asking Collins is a non-starter as well.

Each day she's in my home, the attraction between us grows harder to ignore. The need to protect her overrules my rationale, making me vulnerable. In order to defend her, I have to earn her trust. Unfortunately, faith doesn't come easy for someone like me.

For all I know, this could be a trap.

I've been given a second chance at love, but in order to open my heart again, I have to know the truth.

They say love is blind.

I suspect it might also be stupid.