Mummy Dearest

Author: Dakota Rebel
Category: Romance | Paranormal | Horror
Total pages: 25

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Mummy Dearest

As a little girl, I dreamed of being an archeologist. My hope was to one day discover my very own dinosaur. And today I am an archeologist, but my work has to do with very different kinds of monsters.

Now I’ve been called to the middle of Lake Huron to investigate the ruins of a temple found deep on an island reserved for supernatural creatures. The tomb inside holds the body of a mummy long since gone.

Or so I thought.

Every day I spend on the island, in that temple, the more I feel as if the being inside is not so much gone as trying desperately to return…to me.

Maybe all this time around monsters has finally made me lose my mind. Or maybe I haven’t so much lost anything as found the only thing that ever really mattered.

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