Two Billionaires For Her

Author: Ellie Rowe
Category: Billionaire Romance | Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 64

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Two Billionaires For Her

Two business rivals will fight to claim the ultimate woman. But will she be content to choose just one?

Darian Strong and Peter Silver are billionaire real estate developers that have shaped the face of New York City. Two alpha male billionaires that always get what they want. No one has ever stood in their way.

Until they meet Becky Brash.

She's hot, strong, sassy, and totally willing to bring these two bad boys down a notch. Becky's on a mission of her own and she's not going to let a little rivalry between these two keep her from getting what she wants.

Which is the both of them. Together.

As unlikely rivals find they share the same love, the world will turn against them. It'll try and tear them down and break them apart. Darian, Peter and Becky will need to trust in their love to see them through to happiness.

So that in nine months, these three can become four.