My Sister's Husband

Author: Cassandra Dee, Kendall Blake
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 28

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My Sister's Husband

I caught Marcus looking at me during my sister’s funeral.

But is it wrong if he’s my sister’s husband?

We were all devastated after Jane died in a car accident. After all, she was perfect: blonde, willowy, and a genuinely kind and caring person too.

But during the funeral, things went crazy.

I caught my brother-in-law staring at me.

More than staring.

He was absolutely ravenous.

Oh god. The family’s supposed to be in mourning but my ex brother-in-law and I started something forbidden that very day.

And it kept going.

At the wake.

At the reception.

Hot and strong all throughout the grieving period.

Now I’m pregnant with my brother in law’s baby. But how do I tell the world that I’m expecting my sister’s husband’s child?

Hey Readers – This story hits practically every taboo you’ve ever craved. Our heroine engages in a relationship with a man who’s totally off limits, and she loves every second of it! Be sure to pack a fire extinguisher because you’ll need it! Xoxo, Cassie