Perfect Attraction

Author: Terri E. Laine
Category: Romance
Total pages: 54

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Perfect Attraction

Was it a bad idea to lose your virginity to your boss?
Mitchell Bowmen was tall, alluring, and handsome. He checked all the boxes.
So why not?
Besides the obvious boss thing, and the fact I was the more or less live-in nanny, there was his sweet daughter to consider.
If everything went sideways between us, I couldn’t disappear from her life like her mother had.
Plus, I needed this job in the worst way to pay for a lawyer to help stop the threatening legal letters I’d received. Though Mitchell was a lawyer, I couldn’t drag him and his family into my mess. I didn’t know how far the people who were causing my problems were willing to go to get what they wanted from me.
If only he and I didn’t end up together on a mountain caught in a snowstorm.
If only… the question was, what would happen next if I lost my head and gave in to our undeniable perfect attraction?

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