Her Mafia Bodyguard

Author: J.L. Beck, C. Hallman
Category: Romance | Adult | Crime
Total pages: 94

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Her Mafia Bodyguard

Bound by duty, Mia Casteel is nothing but a job.
A sinfully gorgeous, downright infuriating job.

One year ago, I got saddled with keeping her safe, virginal, and out of her father’s business.
Little did I know, the spitfire would become my newest obsession.

Pretending I don’t want her is easy enough.
Ignoring her advances is hard but not impossible.

At every corner, she pushes me, crawls under my skin, and makes my icy cold heart beat again.
She makes me want her so badly I’m almost bursting to possess her.

Knowing the secrets her father is keeping from her, and the fate that will bestow her sooner or later leads me down a path that neither of us will come back from.

Caught between duty and desire, which will I choose? I promised her father I’d keep her safe, and she is safe… safe from everyone except me.

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