Her Bossy Bodyguards

Author: Roma James
Category: Adult | Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 33

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Her Bossy Bodyguards

We run our security business like a well-oiled machine—but she just threw a wrench into everything.


When a state senator hired us to protect his daughter from a sleazy extortionist, we thought it would be a snap.

Protect a spoiled rich girl from her old man’s big, bad enemies? Walk in the park for two retired Marines. Except this park is full of landmines.

Natalie is so much more than we expected. In fact, we’re starting to think she might be everything—for both of us.

And the guy who’s after her is no sloppy chump looking for a payday. No, Montel Barca is seriously bad news—and he has sinister plans for our girl.

Barca might have Natalie’s father by the balls, but nothing and no one will get by us to let that scumbag hurt our princess, threats be damned.

Let him try to get past us—we’ll wipe him off the map.

And that’s no threat.

It’s a promise.

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