Betraying the Mob (Mob Lust 3)

Author: Kristen Luciani
Category: Romance | Crime | Action | Suspense
Series: Mob Lust
Total pages: 61

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Betraying the Mob (Mob Lust 3)

Shoot first, ask questions never.


They say I’m an animal – a fierce, killing machine with no regard for authority.
Or life…mine or anyone else’s.
I’m a liability to the family.
I don’t follow the rules.
I don’t abide by the code.
Attack first, ask questions never.
That’s always been my MO, f*ck the consequences.
I’ve taken big risks, crossed too many lines, and destroyed an empire.
Now my enemies are back and out for blood.
Revenge is what they want. Life is what they’ll take.
And this time, everyone is a target, including the woman I love.
I’ve never worried about my choices.
I’ve never had anything to lose.
Until now…


I have a life. It is simple. Calm.
I help people who are suffering and give them peace, hope, and joy.
I give them a purpose.
My work makes me happy…most of the time.
But the gaping hole in my heart still remains.
Only one person can fill it.
But he’s lost, angry, and dangerous.
I can’t trust him. He’s a liar. A criminal. A vicious beast.
Falling in love with him, a man who can never be saved, was not part of my plan.
Then again, I never thought I was the one who needed saving.

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