Twisted By Release

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Romance | Crime
Total pages: 85

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Twisted By Release

I’m trapped in paradise with a monster.
And this beast can’t keep his hands off me.

Emilio Bruno is the king of Saint Parras College, an elite institution built in the heart of an island wonderland. It’s all sex, drugs, and beach bodies, with Emilio calling the shots from the shadows.

But the constant party is a mask to cover the darkness lurking around every corner.

My sister died in a mysterious accident at Saint Parras, and Emilio was there when it happened.

I think he killed her, and I’m going to prove it.

He’s a gorgeous monster with rage in his heart and his fingers wrapped around the throats of the administration.

Which is why I have to join his student society and learn all their secrets if I want to find out the truth about my sister.

Emilio’s behind everything, manipulating, controlling, and dragging me deeper into his darkness.

I hate him so much it hurts, but if I'm not careful I'll give in to all his twisted needs.