Rescued By The Playboy

Author: Cassandra Dee
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 30

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Rescued By The Playboy


I was just going to dip my toe into the pool, but the warm water was impossible to resist. I submerged myself, letting the soothing waves caress my curves, but then I lost my footing and began to DROWN! Help!

Fortunately, a gorgeous playboy's on hand to save me. Nico hauls me up, coughing and choking ...

... but not before I realize there's something *rigid* pressed against my thigh.

OMG, it's so huge!

Is that really his ...?

But it is, and soon the billionaire tells me he'll teach me to swim... by letting me use his special flotation device!


It's laughable because the curvy girl grew up on the Jersey Shore, but has no idea how to even doggy paddle. Petunia's lucky I was on hand because she could have lost her life if I hadn't hauled her out of the water, gasping and choking. But soon, the innocent woman's panting and whining for another reason ... because the doggy paddle can feel delicious when you're stuck tight on my massive oar!

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