Swiped for His Taking

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 28

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Swiped for His Taking

I came, I saw, I wanted.

When I laid eyes on Milana, I knew immediately I had to have her. It didn’t matter to me she was supposed to go on a date with someone else. It didn’t even matter if I had to pretend to be said blind date. I knew she belonged to me and I’d have her even if the whole world was against me.

He came, he saw, he wanted.

I’ve stumbled a lot in my life. My middle name should be “oops.” Things don't always go my way which is why I'm shocked when the date my best friend set me up on turns out to be a gorgeous man that sweeps me off my feeHe's too handsome and charming for anyone's good. He has heartbreak written all over him. Even though he’s determined not to let me out of his sight now, I’m afraid if I give in, it will be the biggest mistake of my life once he realizes all those oops I make aren't as adorable as he thinks.

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