Forbidden In-Law

Author: Carmen Falcone
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 23

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Forbidden In-Law

Natalie Brooks needs to fix her home before it falls apart, but her late husband’s alcohol addiction left her broke. When her sexy father-in-law shows up at her house and offers his help, she reluctantly accepts. She shouldn’t want him, but she can’t stop the need building inside her.

Contractor Vincent Brooks needs closure to ease his guilt about not being there for his son when he was alive. When he learns about his daughter-in-law’s financial crisis, he returns to his hometown in Texas to volunteer his services. What he doesn’t count on is a sizzling attraction to his son’s intriguing, gorgeous widow. Acting on it would be wrong, so he’s determined to fight the desire drawing them together.

After the AC breaks, they go to the nearest motel to keep from melting during a scorching summer night, and need to share the only available room. Soon, their chemistry spirals into a dangerous fire zone…