Because You're Mine

Author: S.A. Clayton
Category: Romance
Total pages: 25

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Because You're Mine

Quinn can’t see a way out of this mess.

Her uncle just passed away, leaving her his struggling pub and she’s fighting to keep her head above water.

The only bright spot of her days is when Wes comes in.

Wes, the boy that she had a crush on in high school and who just moved back to town.

When Wes asks her out, she wonders if she can really handle a new relationship on top of everything else on her plate.

Wes can’t stay away.

He just got back to town and has been stopping by Quinn’s pub every night for a chance to see the feisty woman that he’s always had a crush on.

When he sees how stressed she is, all he wants to do is help, but Quinn turns him down.

When Wes goes behind her back to help, will Quinn be able to forgive him or will Wes lose the girl of his dreams?