Deepest Obsession

Author: Elira Firethorn
Category: Dark | Erotic | Adult | Romance
Total pages: 97

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Deepest Obsession

Here’s the thing about heartbreak—it never goes away.
When I lost my first love at seventeen, I was told the pain would fade.
When I was torn away from everything I knew, I was told I’d eventually be grateful for the fresh start.
And maybe those things are true. But five years after my entire life imploded, the pain still feels just as fresh.
So when my ex crashes back into my life, refusing to leave me alone and demanding a second chance, it's like one of my nightmares come to life. All I know is one thing:
There isn't a safe way to entangle myself with Alexander.

For years, I waited.
For years, I planned.
Sophia has always been mine, even when I left her sobbing and begging me to stay.
And now that everything is almost in place, it's time to bring her back to my side.
Danger may be chasing me around every corner, but I can't wait any longer.
I'm going to make Sophia see that she's still mine, and I'm going to keep her safe in the process.