Captured Darkness

Author: Raya Morris Edwards
Category: Dark | Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 44

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Captured Darkness

Iris has never been the type to seek out thrills, but years of living in a strict family has driven her to take a vacation in search of new experiences. During her stay at a resort, Iris meets a handsome stranger named Duran who proposes a one-night stand she can’t refuse.

And he delivers on a night that changes her forever.

But the next morning, she stumbles on a secret about Duran that changes everything. And now that she knows, she’s a problem that has to be dealt with.

Against her will, Duran brings her to stay at his mansion outside the city. There she finds herself drawn into a dangerous world her parents spent years trying to shield her from. Will the fear of Duran’s connections to the Italian mafia be enough to drive her away from him?

Or is she captured by a dark passion too powerful to resist?