Our Snowy Night

Author: Ella Goode
Category: Romance
Total pages: 17

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Our Snowy Night

It took one look for Rowan to fall for Charlee. He wifed her immediately—as in two weeks after their first meeting. Shocked by his own lack of self restraint and the dark thoughts of possession and ownership that filled him, Rowan fears his precious wife will leave him if she finds out how he really feels, how crazy in love with her he really is.


It took one look for Charlee to fall for Rowan. She said yes when he asked her to marry him—even though it was only two weeks after they met. It was her fairy tale in the making. Her happily ever after doesn’t last long though. The ink is barely dry on their marriage certificate when her hard pursuing husband suddenly becomes cold and distant, off on business more than he’s at home. Fed up, she hands him divorce papers.


Rowan knows he’s in for a fight but he’s not signing those divorce papers and he’s not letting Charlee get away, even if it means kidnapping her to a small cabin in her home town in the dead of winter. If she’s snowed in, she can’t leave him. He knows he can never let her go and all the control he’s barely held onto snaps. His wife is about to find out how truly obsessed he is with her.

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