The Billionaire Rancher's Unwanted Wife

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 29

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The Billionaire Rancher's Unwanted Wife

"Tabitha Sandler?"
"Hello, and, umm, that was my name, yes."
Was? Nicholas couldn't even fathom what that was supposed to mean.

Billionaire cattle rancher Nicholas Sutherland was one of San Antonio's Finest Eligibles, aka what the media loved to call as SAFE. But today, he found out he was no longer eligible, with his teenage son having forged his signature to serve as Nicholas' proxy groom in a mail-order marriage.

Tabitha "Bee" Sandler couldn't stop pinching herself. Her beautiful and devastatingly sexy husband Nicholas was ideal in every way, and even more amazing was how he seemed to feel the same towards her. Life was perfect...until she found out it was all a lie, and Nicholas had only been pretending all along.

Note: This is a STEAMY MODERN-DAY ROMANCE set in small-town Texas. It is 100% insta-love with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happy-ever-after.