My Russian Stepbrothers

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 110

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My Russian Stepbrothers

I know I'm lucky, to have three of the hottest Russian guys in town as my doting (but often overprotective) stepbrothers.

And I know, I really do understand that I sohuldn't jeopardize what I have. What we have. A big, beautiful house. A happy family. A promising future.
But then I see him. I look at him. And I just can't help wanting him, even knowing it's forbidden.
I love him so much. Need him. Want him.
Even though I know one day, he'd fall for another girl, and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

This book was previously published as a three-part trilogy, namely When I Moan, When I Hurt, and When I Love. This is the complete story. It's insta-love, angsty, steamy, and HEA guaranteed!

Note: Reverse harem in shoujo manga, which is what this book has, typically means that the heroine is loved or lavishly doted upon by at least three men in her life. Not all of these men, however, may feel romantic love for her. It can be a different kind of love (e.g. filial), and there is rarely any menage involved. My type of reverse harem follows this pattern, so please expect my heroine to enjoy the most delicious shows of affection from her hot Russian stepbrothers, but at the end of the day her happy-ever-after with just one of them. Hope you can give it a try!