I Didn't Know He Was My Boss

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Romance
Total pages: 76

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I Didn't Know He Was My Boss

Vivian likes a guy from work. She thinks he might like her back...until she finds out he's her billionaire boss with a beautiful ex-wife to boot.

Their after-office-hours fairytale should have ended there, but it doesn't. The billionaire surprises Vivian with a proposition she can't say no. Luca wants her to be a loving mother to his daughter, and in return he will be the perfect husband.

Can she say yes...even knowing the billionaire will never fall in love with someone ordinary like her?

This book was previously published as a duology (Devoured and Secrets). It has since been edited to remove all references to the Kindle World it was originally a part of.

Note: This is a steamy Cinderella-like romance with a cynical hero for her prince. Expect to laugh and cry and fall in love on your way to an angsty happy ever after. If you are a huge fan of authors such as Lynne Graham, Miranda Lee, and Sarah Morgan, then you might want to give this a try.

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