My Controlling Sheikh

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Romance
Total pages: 46

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My Controlling Sheikh

What if Cinderella’s prince was a tall, dark, and handsome sheikh...and he was anything but charming?

I used to be an ordinary small-town girl, a curvy eighteen-year-old who worked countless hours after school just to make things meet. I didn't even have time to date, much less a chance to have my first kiss.
But then my mother married the king and my life changed forever.
Sheikh Khal, the king's heir, now has total control of my life.
Everyone thinks he's a dream come true.
Gorgeous. Courageous. Kind.
With me, however, he's nothing but a domineering jerk.
I hated him, and I thought he hated me back…until the sheikh showed me hate was just another form of love.

Note: This STANDALONE romance is STEAMY and OVER THE TOP. It features a curvy heroine and a possessive, jealous hero. A QUICK, FUN READ that's perfect for those wanting to temporarily forget real-life problems. This new edition also includes an extended epilogue featuring the next sheikh to fall in love.

Other themes: age gap romance, older man romance, enemies to lovers romance, new adult romance

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