The Other Belle

Author: Whitney G.
Category: Fantasy | Young Adult | Science Fiction | Paranormal
Total pages: 45

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The Other Belle

"I'm giving you one last chance to tell me that I own you..."

Those are thirteen words that I refuse to give to the beastly man who kidnapped me in the middle of the night and forced me on a never-ending journey through the woods.

While he's desperate to break a tragic kingdom-wide curse that's ruined him to his core, I'm determined to escape and find my way home.

I'm not the woman he wants anyway...

He wants my sister, the beautiful, book-loving girl who wants more out of life and believes a prince is all she needs to find a happily ever after.

Of course, he has no idea that she's none of those things, and as much as I want to deny the chemistry between us, I can only take so much punishment, and I may be forced to finally submit to his desires...

Until then, I'll hold off on getting closer to a man like him, a true villain, destined for Hell...

He'll never have the real me, the other Belle...

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